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Making a Will Online Form

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You and Your Family

Your Details

Your Husband / Wife / Partner

Marriage / Partnership Details

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Your Children

(including your children from a previous marriage / relationship). Include address if different from yours

Please note:

  • Illegitimate and adopted children (but not stepchildren) generally have the same rights of inheritance as other children.
  • Children excluded from benefit under your Will may have a right to claim a share of your property in certain circumstances. Please ask for advice, if appropiate.

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Your Home and Other Assets

Your Home

Yes No Other

Your Business

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Your Main Assets in your Sole Name

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Joint Assets

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Please note: jointly owned assets generally pass to the joint owner automatically and cannot be given away by Will.

Assets Abroad

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Your Liabilities


Please list below any debts you may have and give approximate amounts.

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Lifetime Gifts

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You may specify in your Will if you wish to be:

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Please note:

  • You should make these wishes known to your immediate family as well, and not rely on what is in your Will.
  • If you wish to leave any part of your body for medical purposes, tell your family and your doctor and carry a donar card.


You must appoint executors to carry out the instructions in your Will. It is wise to have at least two, although you may appoint your husband / wife / partner to act alone. However, you should name other executors to act if he / she is unable to do so. Partners of our Firm will be pleased to act as your executor, either alone or with a member of your family or a friend.

List below your executors:

Yes No


You may want to appoint one or two people to act as guardian(s) for children under 18. The appointment will usually only apply if you and the child's other parent are both dead. The position may be different if you are a single parent. Guardianship involves a lot of responsibility and you should ask people to agree to act before appointing them.

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The main part of your estate is called "the residue" (This is dealt with at question 17). Before giving away the residue, you may wish to make certain gifts of cash or personal belongings to individual children, grandchildren, friends or to charities. These will be known as "beneficiaries".

Cash Gifts

Please give the name and address of the beneficiary and the amount to be given, with the age of anyone who is under 18 years.

Gifts of Articles

Please give the names and addresses of the beneficiaries to whom you wish to leave specific items, and a full description of the articles, to enable it to be identified. Please note that if you sell or replace one of these items, the beneficiary will get nothing; he or she will not be given the sbstituted item ot the cash equivalent.

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The Residue

This is all that you own except jointly owned property and the gifts made in questions 16 and 17. Please state below who is to receive the residue on your death and who is to receive it if they die before you. If they are gifts to your children, we normally suggest a provision that if any of them dies before you, leaving children of his / her own, those children (your grandchildren) will inherit their parent's share.

The following are the more common provisions made. If you wish to use one of these, please state yes or no; if not, please go to question 19.

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

If none of the above choices are appropiate

Please set out below who is to receive the residue and, if more than one person or organisation is involved, in what shares: